Article - Ayurvedic Cure for Diabetic Retinopathy
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Ayurvedic Cure for Diabetic Retinopathy

I am indebted to Dr JN Reddy of Max Excel for referring the amazing history of Mr.Jayaganapathy who got his vision back after Diabetic Retinopathy.

We are sharing the details of this miracle through this interview.

  Q: How old were you then and how did you take this shock?
A: I was about 37 years old then.  I lost my hopes and stayed back at my home. For everything I need to depend upon one person.

Q:  When did this situation change? 
A:  Fortunately, I got a chance to meet Dr Narayanan Namboothiri of Sreedhareeyam Ayurvedic Eye Hospital and Research Centre in Kerala near Ernakulam.  He checked my eyes and told that he will give life to my Optical Nerves. He asked me immediately to come to his Ayurveda hospital and take the residential treatment for one month. So I went immediately along with my parents and started the treatment.

Q:  Can you say something about the treatment?
A:  Before the treatment, they record everything through allopathic way.
They started with Thalaipothichchil, Lepam, Tharpanam etc.. The treatment did not involve any surgery and any injection. They wash the eyes with goat milk along with some medicine, They use aloe vera with some herbs and apply it on the forehead.  They also pour buttermilk with medicine on forehead.

Q:  Goat milk, butter milk?  What is the connection between these and your vision?
A:  I did not know either but for the first time in many years, here was a person who categorically told me that I could see and I believed him.  When I told the eye doctors, they laughed at me.  But I had tried everything from the best of institutions and hence it was no great risk.

Q: Very interesting!  So what happened?
A:  To my surprise, I could see something within six days after the treatment.  And when I shared this with the eye doctors, they again laughed at me and told me that it was my own imagination and that there was no way that with my condition, I could ever see.  I ignored their reaction and completed the full treatment for a month.

Q: So did your vision improve?
A:  Improvement is not the right word.  I got my full vision in my left eye, the one that was not surgically operated upon.  Since then, for the last 4 + years, I have not taken any medicine or treatment for my left eye.  I am now working as Principal in one of the reputed Schools in Vellore.

Q:  How did the doctors react to your new state?
A: The doctors in Malaysia were totally taken aback and have now started referring their patients to this facility in Kerala.

Q: One last question.  How much did you spend on the conventional and this alternative treatments?
A:  I spent close to Rs.6,00,000 for the allopathic treatment and Rs.21,000 (including accommodation and medicine) for the Ayurvedic treatment.

Q: What is your message for people like you who have been afflicted by Diabetic Retinopathy?
A: If I had known about this treatment earlier, I would have saved both my eyes. Hence act immediately if you see any complication in your vision as it may lead to blindness if it is not treated in time.

Thank you Mr Jayaganapathy for sharing your life so vividly for the benefit of many people who.

Mr Jayaganapathy can be reached at (0) 9486971975


Q: Mr Jayaganapathy, thanking you for sharing your story with our web portal www.HealthierDiabetic.In.  When did all this start?
 A:  When I was working in Chinmaya International Residential School, Coimbatore during the year 2003, I went for an educational tour along with our children. On the return, I could see a dot through my left eye. Initially I thought it is a dust particle and didn't take it seriously. Athough there was no irritation, this dot started growing  bigger in size. I was really worried and after reaching Coimbatore, I went to Arvind Eye Hospital where this situation was diagnosed as hemorrhage in eye due to diabetes.

Q: How long have you been a Diabetic?
A: I was diagnosed only in 2003. But it seems that I was having for a longer time without any symptoms.

Q:  What happened next?
A:  The doctor asked me to get treatment from a diabetologist immediately. Then I went to KG Hospital and tested for diabetes. As I was having higher sugar level they asked me to take insulin immediately. The doctor told me that I was having diabetes for more than five years without any symptoms. This is the only reason for this eye complication.

Q:  So what treatment was given for your eyes?
A:  From that day onwards, the retina specialist asked me to undergo laser treatment whenever I have the bleeding. I continued this for many months. In the meantime they have asked me to take avastin injection in the eye. And after a year, I went to Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai for a second opinion.  and was asked to undergo laser treatment once again. As it started in right eye too, things got complicated.

Q: In the meanwhile, how was your Diabetes control?
A:  Due to career change, I was having less stress & my diabetes level became normal.  I was asked to go for tablets (Amaryl 1 mg) instead of Insulin injection.

Q: So did your problems with the eye stop?
A:  On the contrary!  Suddenly in 2005, I got some severe bleeding in my eyes and went to The Eye Foundation, Coimbatore. There again they asked me to go for laser treatment and recommended to go for Avastin Injection. While they suggested Vitrectomy surgery, I could not take it for want of time but went in for Avastin injection and laser treatment.

Q:  Did it make it easier for you?
A:  Then I moved to Malaysia for my career change. In 2006, doctors asked me to take Gemer 1 mg tablet for diabetes. After 6 months, I could see only distorted images through my right eye.  The doctors compelled me to undergo vitrectomy surgery. Hence I came to India and underwent Vitrectomy surgery in sankara Nethralaya. But I didn't see any improvement.  In the meantime in June 2007, I couldn't see anything through my left eye too.

Q:  Did you consult any doctors in Malaysia?
A:  As my boss was well known in Malaysia, he arranged immediately for all the retina specialists to check my eyes. Everyone, without an exception, declared that I am going to be blind and won't be able to see hereafter. I did not give up and wrote to National Eye Hospital , Singapore. While they mentioned that it would cost Rs. 6 lakhs for the treatment, they won't be giving any guarantee for my vision. In the meantime they gave one Avastin injection in my left eye.

Q:  So what did you do in this situation?
A:  I returned to India and approached the surgeons in Sankara Nethralaya who shared the opinion of the Malaysian doctors that I will be blind because there was complete retinal detachment.

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